Freedom's Story Will Live On... 

~ Freedom was and is my beloved forever friend. No evil, no demonic being, can separate us for our spirits together shall be forever and ever, in the name of God Almighty. ~

~Freedom was always with his daddy. Freedom and his daddy were inseparable.~ 


 Freedom's Story 

                                                         Freedom was my best friend and soulmate. Only a cat lover can understand that statement.

I mourn my baby, but the demonic evil against us will never shut me down, it will energize me to finish the mission I have not yet completed. I will NEVER quit! 


                                                                                                                FREEDOM'S STORY

​                                                                                                           MURDERED BY DEMONS 

I am thinking about changing the title of this page and making it exclusive to my beloved and forever friend, Freedom. You will know soon of my decision. And here, you will be able to find all the new book releases in his honor and dedication. Freedom was murdered by multiple poisons and other diseases caused by the evil forces that surrounded us around our home. I have a work-in-progress book series telling FREEDOM'S STORY.  Freedom was an innocent victim of demonic forces that flourish in Downtown Las Vegas. Stay tuned. 

Freedom was a victim of demonic poisoning... stay tuned.

​​​Cliff Harrison

Freedom's Story coming soon at

Read the Freedom's Story Series and learn about the demonic evil beings that took the innocent life of Freedom and how Freedom's daddy brings the predators to vigilante justice.  Coming soon to a book retailer near you.