Cliff Harrison
Is Not for Hire. 

Cliff Harrison is an Independent, self-funded photographer who uses his images for his own use in his publishing company for book images, book covers, blogs, websites, social media, and occasional stock photo sales, etc.

Although Cliff Harrison Photography does not currently have a photographer for hire, you can find many good photographers for hire, including professionals, by following the community members in my universe of photography. Click the links of websites of photo galleries on the About page.  Each community member has its own community of followers and members, some leading into thousands or tens of thousands or more followers, all of which in turn offer their own community members to connect to, giving you an infinite world of photographers from every specialty to choose from.

There are photographers from every walk of life, every level of interest in an unlimited search of the world of images, a treasure chest of recorded photographic history captured via the camera through the eyes of the lens. Too, by exploring many of my blogs, photoblogs, and others, you will discover many sources of stock photos, book covers, and outside sources supplying every need for photo images, graphic art and more.  Some of my writing books also show where one can find unlimited sources of photo images for every occasion and a photographer or graphic artist for every need.  Most importantly, the books in my growing Clifford G. Harrison DIY Freedom & Independent Library teaches the reader how to do photo works yourself in a do-it-yourself system from taking your own shots to making your own book covers and much more. 


Cliff Harrison